The New Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

Posted on: 27 August, 2015    Posted by: Kevin    Tags: 

The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool streamlines the customizing and provisioning of a Windows image. You can use Windows ICD to do the following tasks: View all of the configurable settings and policies for a Windows 10 image or provisioning package. Create Windows provisioning answer files. Add third-party drivers, apps, or other assets to…

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How to configure Email Notification for Windows Server Backup

Posted on: 24 August, 2015    Posted by: Kevin    Tags: ,

Windows Server Backup is a reliable, but basic backup utility. It has the capacity to provide you with both file-level restoration, as well as entire bare-metal recovery. Whilst being a simple and effective backup method, particularly in conjunction with other third-party backup software, Windows Server Backup has on obvious shortfall; lack of reporting. Particularly, no…

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How to Hide a Mail Contact from Exchange address lists

Posted on: 10 August, 2015    Posted by: Kevin    Tags: , ,

There are certain scenarios where you may not want an external mail contact to be visible in an exchange address list. We’re currently working on a customer’s Exchange environment where they require the ability to conveniently send email to multiple external email addresses, concurrently, whilst still maintaining a certain degree of privacy and control on those external addresses. In this instance,…

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Windows 10 now available on USB flash drive

Posted on: 7 August, 2015    Posted by: Kevin    Tags: 

Finally Microsoft embraces not-so-recent technological advances and offers Windows 10 on a USB flash drive! Optical drives have progressively diminished throughout the years due to almost all software being readily available via download on the internet, so it’s refreshing to see Microsoft finally “get with the times” and start distributing their flagship OS in a…

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How to create Windows 10 installation media and upgrade your existing OS or perform clean installation

Posted on: 30 July, 2015    Posted by: Kevin    Tags: ,

Following the official Windows 10 rollout via the Free Upgrade program Microsoft have now given end-users the ability to download the Windows 10 RTM installation files for their own deployments through their Software Download site: If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own…

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