In today’s technological world, ICT services are essential to the operational activities of all organizations, both large and small, regardless of their line of business. The way in which these ICT services are supported and maintained should therefore be performed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Techzilla’s support team provide system support and maintenance across multiple vendors and platforms, from the datacentre to the desktop. We can offer a dedicated team to support and maintain all facets of your ICT infrastructure, from reviewing vendor contracts to create consistent expiry dates, to providing general day-to-day break-fix support for your end-users.

In conjunction with having having a qualified, experienced and dedicated support team, we regularly utilize resources made available through the multitude of other services we offer, enabling us to provide an unparalleled support service for our customers.


We offer our support services three ways:

Onsite – We have one of the largest field tech network in the country and can provide onsite technicians almost anywhere at almost any time.

Remote – Utilizing remote desktop software in conjunction with a WAN link, we can provide remote support to all systems within your organization at any time.

Phone – Often simple issues require simple solutions which we can easily walk you through quickly and conveniently over the phone in a matter of minutes.

Email - As with our phone support, simple issues and general questions can often be handled with a quick email to one of our technicians.


All of our support services are available both under managed support agreements and ad-hoc and are available on a 24×7 basis; that means if your mission-critical web server goes down at 3:00am on a Sunday morning, we can respond and have it back online as soon as possible.

We can provide your business with on-going 24×7 tech support; get in contact with us to find out how.

Proactive Systems Management

Systems Management solution supports customers in efficiently meeting service level objectives by using tools to monitor and manage their systems and applications. This solution enables customers to measure and monitor service levels, track, maintain and update system configurations, manage problems and incidents and automate datacentre operations.

  • Review and assess contracts
  • Software installation, updates and configuration
  • Complete system rebuilds
  • Virus, spyware and malware removal
  • Operating system installation
  • Driver installation and updates
  • General troubleshooting


Hardware repairs and upgrades
Software installation, updates and configuration
Complete system rebuilds (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Virus, spyware and malware removal
Driver installation and updates
Break-fix and general troubleshooting
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