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Unable to configure Outlook Options such as Signature

We experienced an odd issue recently on a new customer’s admittedly messy Windows 10 PC running Outlook 2016. We say messy because the machine had not been rebuilt since it was purchased many years ago and in those years had: Been through a Windows 7 > Window 10 in-place upgrade. Multiple versions of Office installed –…

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How to use the Post in This Folder feature in Outlook

Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with someone via email, sending email back and forth for several days surrounding a single topic or project and then had to pick up the phone to verbally discuss the same subject to confirm/clarify some finer details? Or simply had to attend an in-person meeting to discuss…

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Setup or Restore the Unread Mail Folder in Outlook

Never miss an email again with the Unread Mail folder. The Unread Mail folder is one of Outlook’s many default Search Folders and by far one of the most useful. It creates a single folder within your mailbox that dynamically fetches and displays all unread email within a mailbox in a single centralized location: Whilst this may…

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