Securing your assets and personnel is a step never to be overlooked. An efficient surveillance solution provides you with means of minimizing incidents, preventing theft/shoplifting, generating customer satisfaction and increasing your overall business productivity.

As specialists in video surveillance systems and technology, our clients rely on our security camera systems to protect their businesses. We are committed to keeping you, your employees and your business investments safe.

We assess your needs and evaluate your property. From there, we provide experienced recommendations and develop a plan to target your specific security needs. We can then professionally install, configure and optionally maintain a surveillance system specifically catered to your requirements.

  • Complete CCTV Systems
  • Expansions & Upgrades
  • IP & Coaxial Cameras
  • High Quality Images


  • Boost employee productivity
  • Fight false liability claims
  • Prevent armed robberies
  • Uncover fraud
  • Reduce accidents
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Optimize loss prevention
  • Prevent burglaries
  • and more…


Requirements and budgets vary from customer to customer, so we have specialized in the installation, management and maintenance of multiple surveillance systems. Vendor is chosen based on customer requirements and in many cases to integrate with other service requirements, lowering overall implementation costs or providing additional features elsewhere in the office.





Flexible Open-standard Surveillance Systems

Traditional surveillance systems force you to use specific camera models/brands and restrictive monitoring software, with several other technical limitations. Our surveillance systems allow you to use virtually any brand/model of camera that supports ONVIF and are regularly updated. enabling new features and functionality, as well as additional compatibility with new technology.

Compatible with new, old and existing technology

In addition to ONVIF support, we can select among 6000+ compatible cameras with a wide range of variety, including fisheye, PTZ, multi-lenses, vari-focal and so on, from over 90 renowned brands according to your preference and needs. Since all those devices have all been integrated and supported with our surveillance solutions, compatibility is guaranteed. Our surveillance systems also supports video servers, and if you already own many existing analog cameras, there will be no need to purchase new ones, helping you to down-size your deployment costs.

View your cameras anytime, anywhere

Worried about your store or office when you’re not there? With the prevalence of internet access in the modern workplace, you can connect to any of our surveillance systems from anywhere in the world through a web browser – just log in from your PC, laptop or mobile device and you can view both live streams and recorded footage instantly.

All of our surveillance systems also come with free mobile extensions on iOS and Android. You can watch multiple channels simultaneously, adjust your cameras’ angle and zoom with PTZ actions, or browse through all your recordings, all from the comfort of your mobile device. They even support push notifications to warn you right away when events happen.

Things we cover

  • Complete Surveillance Systems
  • NVR/DVR Installation & Configuration
  • IP Cameras
  • Coaxial Cameras
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Standalone Cameras

Need help setting up?

A new surveillance system requires dedicated data/coax cabling. We can assist with this via our physical infrastructure and cabling services.

Need the equipment?

Don’t have the infrastructure? No problem, check out our procurement service and we can assist with purchasing what you need.