Never miss an email again with the Unread Mail folder. The Unread Mail folder is one of Outlook’s many default Search Folders and by far one of the most useful. It creates a single folder within your mailbox that dynamically fetches and displays all unread email within a mailbox in a single centralized location:

Unread Mail Search Folder

Whilst this may not be very useful for basic Outlook users, for those who create multiple subfolders and rules this default search folder is a godsend as it ensures you don’t accidentally miss new/unread emails that are automatically moved to a rarely viewed subfolder within the mailbox.

To setup the Undread Mail Folder in Outlook or simply restore it if you’ve accidentally deleted it:

1. In Mail, on the File menu, point to New, and then click Search Folder:

New Search Folder

Tip: You can also open the New Search Folder dialog box by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P.

2. In the Reading Mail section, click Unread Mail.

3. In the Search mail in section, select the mailbox you would like the search folder to search.

4. Click OK.

You should now see the Unread Mail folder underneath the default Search Folders section of the specified mailbox, as shown above.

Note: This procedure works for setting up or restoring any default search folder; simply choose that folder in the New Search Folder dialog box.

Article By Techzilla