We recently had a user who’s Outlook client mysteriously contained a new mailbox folder named Unwanted which was having some important mail filtered into it rather than going to the Inbox.

After further investigation, we discovered that this folder can be created by the Samsung Galaxy’s default email application. Speaking further with the user, we discovered that they did indeed use a Samsung Galaxy phone and that they also did indeed have their business email setup on their phone using the default Samsung mail app named – Email.

This particular email application has its own spam filtering built-in and when any mail is received from addresses listed in the “Spam Addresses” configuration setting of the app, they’re automatically moved to a mail folder it creates named, yep you guessed it – Unwanted.

It turns out, for one reason or another that this spam addresses list contained several important email addresses, including the one in question, which is why these emails were filtering through to this unwanted folder and not being received in the Inbox as desired.

Resolving this issue is relatively simple and only takes a minute or two. Here’s what you need to do to fix it:

  1. On the phone, open the Email app
  2. Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines), followed by the settings icon (little cog) to get to the email settings
  3. Tap on Spam addresses to view and edit this list
  4. Remove any email addresses that you don’t want to have automatically moved to the unwanted folder

Once this has been done, the user can now move the messages out of the Unwanted folder and they will stop being automatically moved to this folder.

In our situation, the device was connected to a corporate Exchange/Office 365 account which has it’s own built-in spam filtering so we recommended that the user essentiable disabling filtering form there phone entirely by removing all email addresses from the spam list and deleting the unwanted folder entirely.

Note: This issue/fix applies to several Samsung mobile devices.

Article By Techzilla